Spuffy Level: Spuffy-centric

The Ring Talks

Buffy knows her romantic entanglements have been missing something, but hasn't yet put that knowledge into practice. Following an accidental engagement, she takes the first step, by secretly making friends with an enemy.

Hell’s Angel

Spike burned up in the Hellmouth, his soul and self pulled into the amulet in a moment of noble sacrifice. Nineteen days later, he comes back out in Angel's office. Nothing but an immaterial ghost and trapped with Angel.... You'd almost think it was his very own personal hell.

A Tuesday in May

The world always seems to be in danger in May. And especially on Tuesdays. This time, it's up to Spike to stop the coming apocalypse.

Downtime With a Side of Bacon

About to go on the run from Glory, Buffy takes a moment to relax with someone who should have been her enemy. Sometimes, certain enemies definitely had their benefits.

The Haunting of Room 212

After the events of Dead Things, Buffy finds herself losing time. And having strange dreams of a dorm room where a young woman died. A death being investigated by a very familiar looking man named William Pratt, who acts as if he had long ago been abused in a relationship with Buffy. And out in the waking world, Spike has gone missing, unseen by anyone since Buffy left him beaten and bloody in an alley.


While Glory inches closer to identifying the key, her recent torture victim's need for comfort and desperation to help lead him down a dark path of seduction with a demon who could destroy him.

Under the Skin

Unsure of what to do about her crumbling relationship or how to keep her sister safe, Buffy uses a crystal made by Willow to trigger a slayer dream. A slayer dream that warns her to be wary of wolves who hide their fur under the skin.

Written for the fall 2020 round of Seasonal Spuffy: https://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/

Strange Land

Buffy Summers. Dutiful sister and daughter. Dedicated Slayer. Trapped on the wrong side of a dimensional portal with only a vampire she’s supposed to loathe to rely on. A vampire who shouldn’t care what happens to her, but inexplicably does. Diverges during the episode Shadow.