Just Fantasy

Buffy and a team of slayers came to the rescue as everything fell apart in L.A. Or did they? Is it real? Or is it just fantasy?

All the King’s Horses

Healing is a process. It doesn't just happen one day. It happens in steps and phases. Spike goes through those steps and phases, trying to put his life back together after he's injured in season two.


Buffyverse Bingo day 1– Blue! Spike’s never seen something quite so blue as this.

Spike’s Worst Summer Ever

It was the best of times... No, it was the bloody pits. Spike had neve had a worst summer in his entire life and unlife, combined.

Not until next year, at least.

The Umbrella Initiative

Everything changed after Maggie Walsh used an experimental virus on her soldiers and her creation. Now Buffy and Spike are seeking answers about the G-virus and The Umbrella Corporation while on the run from Glory and her minions.