Genre: Slice of Life

The Ring Talks

Buffy knows her romantic entanglements have been missing something, but hasn't yet put that knowledge into practice. Following an accidental engagement, she takes the first step, by secretly making friends with an enemy.

A Tuesday in May

The world always seems to be in danger in May. And especially on Tuesdays. This time, it's up to Spike to stop the coming apocalypse.

Downtime With a Side of Bacon

About to go on the run from Glory, Buffy takes a moment to relax with someone who should have been her enemy. Sometimes, certain enemies definitely had their benefits.

Somewhere to be Flying

Spike tried to show Buffy his world by taking her to a demon bar in Life Serial. Now he tries reintroducing her to her own. A stolen moment between the episodes Life Serial and All the Way.

Let Me Count the Ways

One decision can change so much. Instead of telling Buffy that Spike is in love with her during Crush, Dawn tells her about a list. It leaves Buffy thinking about all of the ways that Spike could have used to kill them… but didn’t.

Beautiful to Me

Spike takes Buffy out to a club for her birthday, where he thinks about their time together.


On her birthday, Buffy contemplates herself and her relationship with Spike.