Under the Skin

Unsure of what to do about her crumbling relationship or how to keep her sister safe, Buffy uses a crystal made by Willow to trigger a slayer dream. A slayer dream that warns her to be wary of wolves who hide their fur under the skin.

Written for the fall 2020 round of Seasonal Spuffy: https://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/

The Moment

Mind, body, heart. Flesh, spirit, intellect. Body, demon, humanity... and soul. All parts that make up a whole.

By Moonlight Held

While being tormented and stalked by Angelus, a still human Drusilla takes refuge in a sunny garden where she's struck by visions of the future.

Just Fantasy

Buffy and a team of slayers came to the rescue as everything fell apart in L.A. Or did they? Is it real? Or is it just fantasy?