As Always


When Buffy walks out of the police station in the season 6 episode Dead Things she leaves a battered and beaten Spike behind. But Buffy wouldn't be Buffy if she wouldn't come back...

Touching Fire

As lovely as it is to hear Spike sing, Rest in Peace would make more sense if it happened later in the season. Or if something between Spike and Buffy had happened sooner.

Darkest Dawn


The rescue comes too late in All the Way with disastrous results for Dawn and those who love her. Spike tries to salvage what he can of the girl they knew while struggling with his own crumbling mental state. Buffy sinks even further into depression. Willow tries desperately to pile spell after spell in an attempt to fix everything. And as it all falls apart, Giles realizes that he’s truly needed to help pull them all together again

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The Haunting of Room 212

After the events of Dead Things, Buffy finds herself losing time. And having strange dreams of a dorm room where a young woman died. A death being investigated by a very familiar looking man named William Pratt, who acts as if he had long ago been abused in a relationship with Buffy. And out in the waking world, Spike has gone missing, unseen by anyone since Buffy left him beaten and bloody in an alley.

Somewhere to be Flying

Spike tried to show Buffy his world by taking her to a demon bar in Life Serial. Now he tries reintroducing her to her own. A stolen moment between the episodes Life Serial and All the Way.

The Moment

Mind, body, heart. Flesh, spirit, intellect. Body, demon, humanity... and soul. All parts that make up a whole.

Spike’s Worst Summer Ever

It was the best of times... No, it was the bloody pits. Spike had neve had a worst summer in his entire life and unlife, combined.

Not until next year, at least.