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Hell’s Angel

Spike burned up in the Hellmouth, his soul and self pulled into the amulet in a moment of noble sacrifice. Nineteen days later, he comes back out in Angel's office. Nothing but an immaterial ghost and trapped with Angel.... You'd almost think it was his very own personal hell.

A Tuesday in May

The world always seems to be in danger in May. And especially on Tuesdays. This time, it's up to Spike to stop the coming apocalypse.

Beautiful to Me

Spike takes Buffy out to a club for her birthday, where he thinks about their time together.


On her birthday, Buffy contemplates herself and her relationship with Spike.

The Day the World Turned Day-Glo

It’s almost a year and a half since Sunnydale fell into a crater. Now retired from slaying, Buffy’s been voluntold to go to Wesley Wyndham-Price’s memorial service, where she finds a few familiar enemies. Everything’s so surreal anyway, Buffy decides she might as well just give into it and see if lunch with Drusilla and Harmony might be one of the better things she does that year. The day keeps getting weirder, but the year might just be unsurpassable by the end of it.

The comics are ignored completely and both TV series as taken as cannon. This is a not a romantic reunion fic, although there are reunions aplenty, and parts of it could be described as romantic. Spike does not speak in this story, although others speak about him quite a bit.

All titles are courtesy of X-Ray Spex songs, and all the characters and settings you've heard of before are courtesy of Mutant Enemy et al. Dylan Thomas' Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night is partially quoted. The story is entirely my own, although the original plot bunny was knightowl's challenge My Three Girls over on EF. No copyright infringement is intended. Behind_Blue_Eyes gave me a very early beta, for which I am grateful. I'm not sure the final product is recognisable from the one she read, so any remaining mistakes are entirely my own.

Just Fantasy

Buffy and a team of slayers came to the rescue as everything fell apart in L.A. Or did they? Is it real? Or is it just fantasy?