To Grandmother’s House

Buffy's attempts to have the perfect Christmas are stymied by the appearance of a mysterious axe and her mother's ghost...or is it?

Notes: This story is set in the same universe as A Raising in the Sun, Necessary Evils, et al. It takes place approximately two years after A Parliament of Monsters, and contains major whopping spoilers for POM.  Massive thanks to Slaymesoftly, Kehf, Gene Breshears, Partri, Deb, Rainkatt, L.A. Ward, Gill, Hobgoblinn, LJCygnet, and Bruntinabuoni for beta services!

As Always


When Buffy walks out of the police station in the season 6 episode Dead Things she leaves a battered and beaten Spike behind. But Buffy wouldn't be Buffy if she wouldn't come back...

Unburied Hearts

Sometimes, things make it so you can't bury your head to what's right in front of you.

Spike comes to town for the first time during Harsh Light of Day, and the first time Buffy sees him is sunbathing on campus adorned with the Gem of Amara. She has no idea he's a vampire, and he has no clue she's the slayer. With nothing holding them back, how do these two strangers come together? And what will happen when they learn the truth about each other?

Response to a <a href="">challenge</a&gt; by emilise.