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It’s sweltering hot here, wherever this is. I can’t see a damn thing, but I can feel plenty. God, so many. They’re everywhere, surrounding me. Vampires. Old and powerful. Older even than Lothos, and they make the Master feel like a baby. I try to pinpoint them, to get a ballpark number, and I can’t. There’s just too many of them. 

The world around me shakes, then the feeling begins to fade, and the tingles disappear slowly. All but one. It’s powerful, too. 

I strain my ears, trying to pick up the slightest bit of sound. Anything to indicate where it is. His laugh, so sudden, startles me. It’s not menacing, but… it’s like he just heard a funny joke or something. He’s giggling, and I can’t help but think it’s kind of adorable.

A dim spotlight forms, illuminating him in all his glory. Jesus, he’s handsome. His hair is blonde- bleached, not natural. His sandy brown roots are showing in his curls. Those cheek bones look like they could cut. He’s all edges, sharp and defined. And he’s shirtless, which makes the view that much nicer. Except… He’s crouched low, hugging himself and glancing around erratically like he’s confused. He’s muttering, too low for me to pick up the words. Then his eyes find me, and he giggles again before the smile falls from his lips. 

“They all tell me to go… go… To Hell.” His eyes harden with that last word, and he rises. There are angry red claw marks over his heart, like he’s been trying to dig it out. His steps toward me are slow, deliberate, like a tiger stalking its prey. And yet, I’m not afraid. He comes so close, maybe a foot away, before he crumples back down to his knees. 

He’s kneeling, I realize, gazing up at me with such a sorrowful look in his eyes. Like he’s lost. I can’t fight the pull, the urge to reach out and caress his cheek and offer some comfort. The second we connect, he reels away from me. In the same moment I’m hit with flashes of… something.

I’m beneath him in nothing but a bathrobe, fighting him tooth and nail. I manage to kick him off and he slams into the wall. When our eyes meet, his are full of horror and shock. 

I’m under him again, only this time I’m not fighting him. I’m enjoying it. Immensely. He feels so good, our bodies moving together. 

Again, in a crypt. I’m dressed entirely in black, and he’s lowering me down so gently. Almost lovingly. He kisses me, and I feel the passion flaring up again. I can see the desire smoldering in his deep blue eyes.

We’re in an old run-down building, and he’s holding me up against a wall with my legs wrapped around his hips. I can feel myself moaning as he thrusts, but there is no sound. It’s all been silent.

Then I’m tied up by my wrists. So is another girl, older and with black hair. That’s when he steps in front of me again. His eyes are boring into mine, emotions swirling again. Desperation. Longing. Hunger. His lips are moving, and again there’s no sound. Not until he says “I… Love You.”

I awake up in my bed, covered in sweat and breathing heavily. What in the Hellmouth was all that? I’m only sixteen. I haven’t even thought about… I mean, not really. Yeah, I’ve ogled and drooled and hoped on occasion but… nothing close to any of that. 

My entire core aches. I sigh and scrub my knuckles against my eyes. Was that… it couldn’t be a Slayer dream. I mean, all that sex? Woo hoo, Buffy. Future look at your boyfriend there. Yeah, right. Not a chance. 

But I wonder, what if it was? Who was he? Or who is he, I should say. Why… what was all that stuff that happened? Not the sex, because that’s just entirely obvious. Go to hell? Then we were… together? But he loves me? And I was tied up? And who was that other woman, and why does that even bother me?

No. This was just a really… really weird dream. I need more sleep, less time dealing with vampires, and more time dealing with cute boys who do not bleach their hair. That’s all. Besides, that bad boy look- that’s from the eighties, isn’t it? Billy Idol?

I had dream sex with a Billy Idol wannabe?

Shopping therapy might be in order too.

I slip out of bed, feeling too… I don’t even know how to describe it. Disturbed doesn’t cover it.Shaken. Confused. I pace for a while, trying to get the ooky feeling to go away. Eventually, I climb back into bed, try to get my mind to be quiet, stop going over and over the dream. I toss and turn, for hours. I never did get back to sleep. I’ve been too wigged out to settle down all night. This might be my first time actually being ready for school early. Had mom’s coffee ready for her and everything.

I don’t really do much absorption of knowledge while I’m there. I still haven’t decided if I should tell Giles about the dream. I mean, how do you even begin with that? So, there were a lot of vampires, then just one, and gosh was he ever a hunk. Yummy written all over him. Then there was a sex montage and then I was tied up and he told me he loved me. Yeah, that would go over real well. Probably not important anyway.

So I don’t tell. I don’t tell Willow either, or Xander. Willow keeps asking me who I’m looking for every time we go to the Bronze. Angel, of course. Who else would it be? Certainly not the bleach blond hottie from my totally meaningless sexy dream. He probably isn’t real anyway.

Except then, one night, he is.


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Table of Contents

Reviews ( 2 )

March 29, 2022 12:21

Getting a Slayer dream to warm her up to the idea of Spike in her life is interesting. She'd definitely be confused for a while, with him out for her blood, and everything, but everything would probably click into place by the time their first truce happens (circumstances might change drastically concerning how that would come about as well). Loved it.

Zab Jade
March 5, 2022 13:42

I love this. It's an interesting look into younger Buffy's head, and nice to see her Slayer deams giving her relationship advice that might actually make a difference for one.