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Thursday dragged for Spike.  He’d prepared for it, sitting in the little apartment he’d rented while digging out the Amara treasure with tapes of Passions episodes, but even that didn’t make the time pass quickly enough for him.  He spent more time than he’d ever want to admit imagining the beautiful girl who’d turned his world on its head.

She was human- she should be nothing more than a diversion, if that.  But somehow, against all odds, he liked the bint.  She had a strange mix of confidence and insecurity that he found endearing and familiar.  They hadn’t gotten into anything personal on their date like they had on their first meeting, but even just from that he could tell she’d been made to grow up too quickly.  Whenever the outside world intruded on her thoughts, she seemed like there was something important she had to tend to behind the scenes.

His first guess was that she was taking care of her sick mother like he had done.  It would explain her distraction from school and unexpected maturity.

He hated guessing.  He wanted to know everything about Buffy Summers, and he wanted to see who he’d be with her.  He’d grown more comfortable with himself since he’d been away from his ‘family,’ but he still hated William for his weakness.  When he was with Buffy, though, those parts shone through without being weak and stuttering.  It was like all the parts of him came together into one package, and he refused to think about it enough to get scared and run from it.  It helped that she wasn’t afraid to make it obvious that she liked him- much of his confidence issues stemmed from the women he cared about trampling all over him.  Try as he might he just couldn’t see Buffy doing the same.

When Friday came, he busied himself with errands- picking up blood from Willie’s, stopping in to visit Clem.  Finally, FINALLY the clock struck seven and it was time to get ready.


Buffy experienced her own Thursday drag.  Classes were a decent distraction, but writing her paper was incredibly boring.  She constantly found herself drifting off into daydreams of their next date at the Bronze.  She couldn’t wait to dance with him- those strong arms were going to feel so good around her, she could just tell.  She managed to finish it before bed that night though, despite her distraction, which meant she could throw herself into her Friday classes to kill time instead of skipping class to write.  That only worked until six though, at which point she wound up pacing in the dorm again, this time with Willow present.

“Calm down, Buffy, it’ll be great.  I’m sure everyone is going to love him, and he’ll love everyone.  We’ll have so much fun.” Buffy scowled at the ground. “I wish it was dark; I need to kill something.” “We should get a punching bag for the room,” Willow laughed.  “Oh! I know, why don’t you try on outfits?” “I think I’ve already picked one, actually.  I’m going for ‘reasonably slutty but not easy,’” she replied, opening the door to her bureau to show Willow the outfit hanging on the inside of the door.

“Are you trying to kill the man?!” Willow questioned as she took in the tiny pink tank top and black leather pants.

“Oh god, is it too much?”

“Oh no, I think it’s just enough.  You’re going to have every guy there drooling- Spike isn’t going to know how he got so lucky.  Plus, A+ practicality for patrolling afterwards.” Buffy’s face brightened considerably.  “That’s what I thought!” “We should leave a little early so you can be dancing when he gets there!” Willow exclaimed deviously.

“Are you sure I don’t need to slay you? You’re evil!” Buffy giggled in delight, falling on to Willow’s bed next to her.


It took Spike a minute to see past the crowd of people staring at the dance floor and find Buffy, and when he did his heart dropped into his stomach and he had to readjust his duster to cover his lower half.

Her tiny pink tank top showed off her beautiful tan skin, and the leather pants she wore clung to her curves.  Her hair was up again, putting her neck on display for him again.  She was keeping herself away from the guys who kept trying to dance with her, but he still let out a low growl and marched over to join her.

When Buffy looked up from dancing to see Spike shoving through the crowd of boys, she gave him a brilliant smile.  He stood behind her and put his hands on her waist.  His hands were cool against her skin and she shivered as he moved with her to the music. Despite the lack of heat in his touch, her body felt like it was on fire.  All she could focus on was his hands on her and the hard plane of his abs as she pushed back against him.

She looked up at him, looping her hands back around his neck. “I’m so glad you came!” Spike laughed.  “So ‘m I, pet.  This getup for me?” It seemed her confident persona was out to play yet again.  She turned to face him, keeping her arms around his neck. “Who else?” She winked at him and he nearly dusted.

She was in her element here on the dance floor- her body was built to move and she knew how to move it well.  The feel of her pressed up against him, the smell of her- some perfume, but overpowered by her own scent as her skin glistened from the light exertion- it was almost too much for him. He was pretty sure he’d never been this attracted to someone before.

When the song ended, she grabbed his hands and started pulling him over to a table on the edge of the crowd.  “C’mon, you have to meet the gang!” The table she brought him to had four people seated already, and two other chairs pulled up.

“Everyone, this is Spike, Spike, this is Willow,” she gestured to the redhead, “and Oz,” she pointed to the redheaded boy holding Willow’s hand, “Xander,” her finger moved towards the brunette boy, “and Anya,” she finished with a gesture towards the brown-haired girl.

“It’s nice to meet you all,” Spike said, turning on the charm.

“Sit down! Buffy’s told us all about you, and we’ve been dying to meet you!” Willow exclaimed.

“She has, has she?” Spike chuckled, pulling out a chair for Buffy before sitting down next to her.  He caught her in the corner of his eye mouthing ‘swoon’ to Willow.

“Good things,” Oz said simply.  Buffy had mentioned him being rather stoic.

With Spike’s attention on the redhead, he noticed something… interesting.  So, Buffy’s witch friend was dating a werewolf.  He wondered if any of them knew? He filed the question away for later.

“Of course good things!” Willow’s distress was almost comical, but he figured being nice to the best friend was pretty essential to the ‘keeping in the girl’s good graces’ playbook.

“Thanks, Red. She speaks highly of you, too.”

Willow blushed, ducking her head before directing her response at Buffy. “Thanks.” “Did she tell you I’m the comic relief? I’m the comic relief.” Xander said enthusiastically.

“He also gives great orgasms!  But only to me.” Anya interjected.

Xander’s face was bright red as he sputtered, “He-peh-tsyeh–Ahn!”

“Anya here is writing a book on 1001 ways to make first impressions awkward.” Oz remarked.

Spike chuckled, putting his arm around the back of Buffy’s chair, hoping to help her relax.  “You sure you’re not the comic relief?” He asked Oz.

“Positive. I’m the quiet one with under-appreciated references.”

Buffy used the brief silence to chime in, hoping to steer the conversation onto something a little less risky.  “What were you guys talking about before we came over?” Willow’s face brightened considerably.  “Oh! I was just telling everyone about the new cultural center they just got funding to build right off campus.  My anthropology professor was telling us all about it, apparently they’re set to start construction in the next few weeks.” Xander spoke up. “I’ve been thinking about trying out construction work, maybe I’ll see if I can get on the team for it.” “That would be awesome, Xan! Much better than the crappy bartending gigs you’ve been doing.” Buffy smiled at him.

“’Ve done some bartending in my time.  Payout depends on the crowd, and college kids don’t tip well.  You’d have better luck with it in LA.” “You bartended?” Buffy asked Spike with interest.

“That I did. It’s a good way to get to know the locals when you travel.  Bar keeps get all the good gossip.” He didn’t mention that he usually took gigs in demon joints to try to suss out where to find his next good fight.

“That’s awesome.  I have exactly no talents and less job history.”  Buffy said with a wry laugh.

“You can fight!” Anya said shrewdly.

Buffy looked at Spike with wide eyes and he felt her heartrate speed up.  “Oh, yeah, I don’t think I told you, I’m pretty into martial arts-y stuff.” “I’ve been known to dabble too, pet.  It’s fun, isn’t it.  Rush of the fight?” Buffy laughed.  “Yeah.  Keeps me out of trouble, too.” She added with a wink.

Spike’s voice dropped a little lower.  “Well, you’re here with me, so it’s not doing such a great job at the moment.” “What can I say? A little trouble keeps life interesting.” “And what an interesting life it is with you in it, Buffy Summers.”

He felt her lean even more against him before tilting her head up to brush her lips against his cheek.  “And you too, Spike.” Willow’s stage whisper to Oz broke through the sense of privacy their flirtations provided. “They’re adorable!” Buffy blushed, ducking her head into Spike’s shoulder, who just laughed in response. She was precious, getting embarrassed because someone else could see how good they were.

“Xander, would you get me another drink? One of the cute ones with the umbrella?” Anya asked her boyfriend, for once managing to make things less awkward instead of more.

“Sure thing, what does everyone else want?”

They each went around listing their drink preferences until they got to Spike.  “Might have to order mine myself, mate.” “Nah, this is Sunnydale, carding isn’t really a thing.”  Xander assured him.

“Double of JD then.” Spike said with a smile and Xander walked over to the bar.

“So, what’s everyone’s plans for the big 3-1?”  Willow asked expectantly.  When all she received were blank stares she clarified, “Halloween.” “I don’t really have anything planned, mostly just praying that there’s less insanity than the last few years.” Buffy laughed.

“You should come to the party at Alpha Delta, Willow and I were planning on going.” Oz supplied.

“The scary house? Sounds kinda lame.”

“It actually borders on fun.  You have to go through the scary house maze to get to the party, which is usually worth getting to.  Those guys go all out.” Xander had delivered the drinks halfway through Oz’s explanation and Willow turned excitedly to her oldest friend. “Xander, you and Anya should come too.  We can make a thing of it.  Oh, and you too, Spike!” “I’m usually a ‘relax with the telly’ sort on Halloween, but…” He turned to Buffy.  “Whaddya say, Summers? Fancy a Halloween party?” “Yeah, I’d love to.  And hey, with you there, even if it’s lame, I might still have fun.” “Sounds like a date.” Spike smiled softly in the way that was making her heart melt more and more every time.

Anya turned to Xander.  “What about us? Is it a date?”

“There are definite date-like qualities at work here.  Find a scary costume, it’ll be fun.” “How about we all meet up in front of frat row at 9?” Willow suggested.

“Sounds like a plan.” Buffy turned to look at Spike and take both his hands.  “Dance with me?” she asked hopefully.

“Lead the way.” he replied, allowing her to drag him onto the dance floor.


After a few more songs all the Scoobies had already left, and Buffy was losing energy quickly.  Dancing with Spike was incredible.  They moved together flawlessly and she felt like she spent eternities lost in his beautiful blue eyes.

Spike was impressed with the stamina she had, for a human.  They’d been dancing intensely for nearly an hour and she’d barely broken a sweat.  It took her yawn to clear the fog she created around his head with her perfection, at which point he realized it was probably time to take her home.

“How about we call it a night?” He asked, leading her off the dance floor.

“I don’t really want it to be over, though.” Buffy said, giving him what he would from then on term the ‘Pouty Face of Doom.’ “I’ll walk you home.” “I’m actually not staying on campus tonight, so you don’t have to if it’s out of your way.” “No trouble, love.  Could be all manner of beastie out there waiting in the night, y’know.” Spike had meant to be more teasing than serious, but Buffy responded with a wry chuckle.  “That I do.” He supposed living in Sunnyhell, Hellmouth Capital of the World, she must have seen some scary things.

“So where are we going, then?” He asked, wrapping his arm around her shoulder and pulling her close as they walked from the club onto the main road.

“My mom’s place.  It’s a few blocks down this way.”  She gestured in front of them.  “I haven’t been getting by to see her nearly enough so I’m going to spend the weekend with her.” “Sounds lovely.  Mums are a good sort. Best to appreciate them while you can.”  He tried to keep the sadness from leaching into his voice, but from the sympathetic look on Buffy’s face he’d failed.

She leaned her head against his shoulder as they walked. “I’m sorry about your family.  I can’t imagine how I’d manage without my mom.” “You’d get up, take every day a minute at a time, and learn to go on.  If there’s one thing that’s obvious about you it’s that you’re strong, love. It’ll hurt like hell, but you’re a survivor.” “Thanks.  I try, but sometimes there’s just so much, you know? And I know I don’t have it half as bad as a million other people out there-” He cut her off. “Don’t think like that.  It’s not a competition. And everyone needs someone they can lean on sometimes.  Someone they don’t have to be strong for.  Helps a lot to have that.” “I don’t think I ever have.” Buffy said softly, voice filled with sadness.

“In good company, then.” Spike’s voice was just as soft.

“Well, for future reference, you don’t have to be strong for me.  I like you a lot, Spike.  I’m here for you.” Spike smiled down at the beautiful girl beside him, whose soul was turning out to be just as gorgeous.  “Same goes for you, Buffy.” They spent the rest of the walk in comfortable silence, until Buffy broke it when they reached the door to her mom’s house.  She’d been thinking about it all night- after all, they’d had two formal dates already and were planning for their third. She needed to know where they stood.

“What are we?” she asked.

“What do you want me to be, pet?”  He tilted his head at her in a gesture that endeared her to him even more, if that was even possible. Inside he was praying that he hadn’t read her wrong, and that she was as into this thing they had going as he was.

“My boyfriend,” she responded decidedly, before realizing what she’d said and blushing again. “I mean, um, if you wanted to be or whatever.” He tilted her face up to look at him, eyes shining with affection for the lovely girl in front of him.  “I’d be honored to be your boyfriend, Buffy Summers.” He leaned in and pressed his lips to hers gently. The kiss was chaste, no tongues, just lips moving together in a silent dance.  By the time they pulled away Buffy’s arms had wrapped around his neck and he held her waist, pulling her closer.

“Wow.” she whispered.

He leaned his head down to touch their foreheads together.  “You can say that again.” “Wow.” They both laughed and Spike pulled away, adjusting Buffy so her head was resting in the crook of his neck.

Unbeknownst to each other, they were both trying to figure out how nothing in the world had ever felt quite so perfect. Spike had spent a hundred years with Drusilla and they’d not once had a kiss like that. He was practically drunk on her. Buffy hadn’t even known it was possible to be that blissfully happy- she’d always imagined that the love songs were exaggerating. They were lost in each other.

And so, such is the law of the universe, Buffy’s mom picked then to turn on the porch light and open the door.

“Buffy! I was getting worried you weren’t going to come.”

“Of course I came, Mom.  I know I’ve been busy with school and… stuff.  But I’m excited for our weekend!” “And who is this?” her mom asked.

“Oh!” Buffy realized her mistake and blushed a little. She moved back from Spike, leaving one arm around his waist and gesturing to him with the other. “Mom, this is my boyfriend Spike.  Spike, this is my mom, Joyce Summers.” “Oh! Won’t you come in for a moment, then? I didn’t know Buffy was dating anyone right now.” “We just started, Mrs. Summers.  I’m grateful a beautiful girl like your daughter is giving me the time of day.” “Well you’re a handsome enough young man.  Interesting name though, is there a story behind it?” “Childhood nickname, actually.  I usually don’t like to give out my real name.” “I still don’t see why.” Buffy teased, but her mom didn’t seem to catch her inflection.

“Buffy Anne Summers! Don’t be rude, young lady.”

Buffy blanched at the reprimand and her apology turned into a babble. “No, no.  I’m sorry, I just meant that I like your name a lot.  Not that you’re required to give it out- cause you’re like the opposite of required.  Anti-quired or something.” Spike managed to cut in, gifting her with an amused smile. “Relax, love.  I understood what you meant.” “Would you like to stay for some hot chocolate, Spike?” Joyce offered.

“I’d love to, but I’d hate to get in the way of mother/daughter time, and it is getting late.”  Internally Spike smirked.  ‘Late,’ yeah right.  Even being on sunlight hours to make the most of the gem, his mind still thought of night as morning after a hundred-odd years.  He just wanted to be on the good side of Buffy’s mom, for reasons he tried not to consider.

He’d held onto his hard ‘take no prisoners’ persona for so long, even after Dru left and he stopped being quite so ‘evil.’ But for some reason, this one human girl made it all slip away, and everything he was as a human started to slip through the cracks.  It seemed to be working for him, though, so he didn’t look at it too hard.

“Alright then, it was lovely to meet you.  Buffy, why don’t you walk him out while I go find us our first movie?” Joyce scampered off upstairs with that, leaving Buffy shaking her head with a small smile.

“Before I forget!” Buffy grabbed a pen and sheet of paper and scrawled down a phone number.  “Here’s the house number and my beeper number so you can get ahold of me before the party if you need to.”  She smiled as he took the pen and pad from her and wrote down his own.

“Home number.” He supplied.

While he wrote, Buffy stared up the stairs after her mom with a thoughtful expression. “I think she likes you.”  Buffy added when he’d finished.

Spike tilted his head at her, looking down in curiosity.  “What makes you say that, love?” “Walk you the two feet back through the door? Running away like that? It’s a pretty dead giveaway.”  Buffy chuckled and the sound warmed him to his toes. She had a beautiful laugh.

“Well, I’d be remiss not to use the opportunity I’ve been given, then.” He leaned down and kissed her deeply, pulling her to him as he felt electricity strike him straight to the core. The taste of her mouth was intoxicating to the point of never wanting to pull away. Buffy felt it too, losing herself in the kiss until he noticed her heart rate slowing and pulled away.  She hadn’t even noticed she was oxygen-starved.  Huh.

“Good night, Buffy.  I’ll see you Sunday.”

“Good night, Spike.” She pressed one last kiss to his lips as he walked out the door.

Joyce walked down the stairs five minutes later to see her daughter leaning back against it, a starstruck look on her face.

“You really like this guy, huh?”

“I really, really do.”

“I suppose I’ll have to have the ‘don’t hurt my daughter, or else’ talk with him, then.” “Mom, you know me, if his ass needs kicking for hurting me, I can do it myself.” “Still, you’re my only child, I at least have to put on a show of protecting you,” Joyce chuckled. “He seems pretty taken with you, too.  Tell me all about him.” As mother and daughter sat down for movies and gossip, Spike was walking back to his apartment, not even caring that he was smiling like an idiot.  Things were finally going right for him.

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