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Her heartbeat was growing stronger, breathing more steady. He sighed his relief. She’d be alright. Might have a nasty scar on that perfect skin of hers, but… at least she was alive.

They’d barely given him any of the sedative at all, just enough to keep him from trying to attack and triggering the chip. He’d almost done it anyway, pointless endeavor or not. Close enough that they’d let him carry the Slayer’s limp body back to their shared cell.

Once there, he’d made her as comfortable as possible, given the circumstances. Which meant he was once again bare chested, with his shirt balled under her head and his duster draped over her like a blanket. She’d been so cold…

He shook himself. As long as she was breathing, it meant she’d be healing. Even if it was slow. The bleeding had stopped. That was a good sign. She’s gonna be just fine, so stop worrying. It’ll take more than a nick with an axe to kill a Slayer. 

For a while he’d just… Watched over her. Watched the leather rising and falling as she breathed. Watched the little twitches on her face as she dreamed. Watched her jugular pulsing with every heartbeat. Looking for some sign that she’d wake up soon.

Heavy footfalls drew his attention. Boots. So not one of the while coats. A soldier. Probably commander dickbag. Spike shifted into game face. Even if the chip stopped him, he wanted that git to know who’s throat was at the top of his list. 

Spike stood and turned to face the door just as Riley came into view, a low growl vibrating in his throat.


The look on the soldier’s face as he took in the image in front of him was a weird mixture between resignation and something Spike couldn’t quite identify. Lust, maybe. Smelt like it, anyroad. But he had to know he was never gonna get the girl now, no matter how much he wanted it. Had to be a new low for him, considering she’d rather cozy up to a vamp than him.

“Soldier Boy.”

“Step away from the door.” He pulled a stun stick from his belt and extended it, and Spike had no doubt he’d use it.

Had to be careful of that. Burn wounds from them dragging the Slayer out of his arms still hadn’t healed, and he wasn’t in the mood to add to them. Didn’t stop him from wanting to keep her safe and sound where he could see her though.

“You’re not taking her out of here like this. Over my dead body.”

“I’ve seen enough of your dead body. But that’s not why I’m here.” He held up a backpack. “Supplies. Now back up, or I can make you.” 

Well that made things a little different, didn’t it. Something to help her heal a little faster? Were they trying their hand at humanity?

He backed up a few paces, but kept himself positioned between the Slayer and the door. He’d meant it. They weren’t taking her out of that cell. If they wanted to give her medical attention, they could come in and lock the door behind them.

Riley opened the door and tossed the bag to Spike, harder than absolutely necessary. “There’s first aid stuff in there. Gauze, tape. Real food, too. Some power bars. Bottled water.”

“Oh, no drugs in this stuff, then?”

“No. With how much blood she lost, it’s hard to determine what the dosage-“

“Shouldn’t be drugging her at all, you nitwit! You people. You’ve no idea the things this woman has done. And you treat her like-“

“I’m not getting a lecture about morals from a vampire.” He raised the stun stick and pointed it at Spike, just a few inches from his face. “Soulless monsters like you…you sleep just fine, knowing the things you’ve done.”

“Oh, is the tin soldier coming down with a conscience? Something about this not sitting right?”

Riley sighed, lowering his weapon. “Just following orders.”

“Yeah, well, sod your orders. Nazis used that excuse, too. Act like you don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. Piss off.”

He turned his back on Riley and started rifling through the bag. A bandage roll would work just fine to clean most of her wounds. Too rough for her stomach though. He’d have to figure something else to use for that.

“I’m not without sympathy for her, you know. I have a-“

“Don’t give a damn about your sympathy. Didn’t stop you from darting her when… when she was bleeding.”

“You don’t understand…”

He rounded on Riley, ready to tear his throat out. “You know, I tried to kill her not so long ago. Right after she had a roll with that Parker git. Almost had her, too. Best fight we’ve had yet.” He remembered how royally she’d kicked his ass that time, too. How she’d come back from the brink of defeat with fire and fury and… “You want to explain to me why I’m showing her more mercy than you?”

The soldier swallowed hard and stared at the floor. Didn’t have any excuse for that, did he? Why a soulless monster took more interest in her wellbeing than an actual human.

“That’s what I thought. Got some wounds need tended. Sod. Off.”

He knelt next to the Slayer and went back to digging through the bag, paying no mind to how long the dick stood there watching him. Maybe he’d learn a thing or two about what it meant to have humanity.

Funny, that. Learning common decency from somebody who ate people.

He took stock of what wounds he could clean while she was still asleep. Her knuckles were bloodied up. Not horrible, but blood was blood, and he needed all of it he could get. Nasty cut on her temple, with a bruise to go with it. He’d have to be gentle with that one. It’d be tender. Not that she couldn’t take a bit of pain, but… he wondered how bad her back was. Even with her healing, she’d be on the mend for days.

He dumped the contents of the bag out on the floor. Gauze, ace bandages, antibiotic, sport tape, bottles of water, granola bars…No painkillers, of course.

Course not. They just want her alive. Not comfortable. Give her all the tranquilizers she can handle, but can’t toss in some bloody aspirin. Wankers.

Well, maybe he could do something about that once she woke up. No way was he even thinking about doing it without permission.

As soon as he pressed a gauze roll to the cut on her forehead, her brow furrowed and she took in a ragged breath. Finally. Her eyes fluttered open, her gaze focusing on him. She tried to sit up and cried out in pain, her hand going to her stomach again.

“Shh, pet. I’ve got you. Just lay back and relax. I’ll get you patched up.” He opened a bottle of water and held it to her lips, letting her take a few sips. “Let me know if you need more. Got some snack foods here, too, if you’re hungry.”

“Why are you being so nice to me? Why not just let me die?”

He wet the gauze and pressed it back to her forehead, dabbing at the cut very gently. “Doesn’t really matter, does it? You don’t deserve…” He let out a sigh. “Just try not to think about it too much, yeah? I’m not. Just… feels like the right thing to do, is all.”

“Why do you care what’s right?”

He stopped what he was doing. Why’d she have to keep talking? Asking questions he didn’t want to think about the answers to. The answers he didn’t have, because he’d been avoiding thinking on them as much as he could for days.

“Stop asking questions, and let me get you fixed up. You’re gonna ruin my good nature.”

He went back to cleaning the cut, and she winced. Every time he touched it, no matter how careful he was trying to be. There was a better way. If she’d just let him do it.

“Gonna have to get to that wound on your stomach eventually, you know… I could… make it not as bad. Not exactly a pain killer, but… it’ll help you relax. You won’t mind the pain so much.”

She just looked at him with confusion, like she didn’t know what he was talking about. Then he realized. The Master, Angelus… they hadn’t bothered with it. Of course not. 

“Vampire saliva. Has a kind of euphoric effect. Just needs to get into the blood.”

After a long moment, it dawned on him. She wasn’t saying no. May as well start small, then. Give her a chance to change her mind on it before it really took effect.

He took one of her hands in his, and a wave of nerves hit him. Nerves. God, he couldn’t breathe. Not that he needed to, but… he licked his lips and slowly brought her knuckles to his mouth.

It wasn’t a kiss. He knew that. Sure felt like one though. He flicked his tongue out, tasting her directly for the first time and god, was it glorious. All fire and spice and life.

Feeding on a willing Slayer. On her, in that way… he could already feel the charge between them. He knew it was something more. The way her hand fit so perfectly in his, the heat from her body transferring over. 

He was already getting lost in the sensation of it. And to have fresh blood in his mouth, something he never thought he’d have again… 

“Oh… That’s… Much nicer than the gauze…” she practically whispered.

Oh, yes it was. 

He held eye contact with her as he took up her other hand and raised it close to his lips. She gave an almost imperceptible nod, and it was all he needed to continue.

He let his eyes slip shut, and forced himself not to moan. Not to growl. Not to whimper at the absolute pleasure she was giving him. He savored every last drop of her that touched his tongue. Every inch. 

When both her hands were spotless, he didn’t hesitate to lean close to her and take her upper arm into his mouth and suck on a gash in earnest. She gasped, but didn’t pull away. She didn’t tell him to stop. God, he didn’t want to.

Her blood was already starting to have that particular effect on him, making everything she did more sensual. Which made him want to be on purpose. He wanted her to know just how good he could make her feel with his tongue. He trailed back and forth over the wound, slow and deliberate.

Her breath hitched, and he stole a glance up at her.

Her eyelids were drooped, vision unfocused and eyes glossed over. Her cheeks had flushed a lovely crimson and her lips were parted and glistening. Her tongue darted out and wet then again. His gaze lingered there, a notion hitting him.

He wanted to kiss her. Not… have endless foreplay with her blood. He wanted to devour her. All those fantasies he’d been having about her paled in comparison to the real thing. Shame she didn’t have a split lip, or a teensy cut on her throat. Be a damn good excuse, wouldn’t it?

Not that she looked like she needed one at this point. She was every bit as drunk on the euphoria as he was on her. 

Good a time as any.

He got on his hands and knees and practically crawled down her body, looking her in the eyes as he did so. She stared back, her chest heaving. Poised over her stomach, his muscles were trembling with the anticipation. Every breath he took shook in his lungs. 

A heady scent wafted up. Blood and excitement and desire mixed with fear. And it was all her. His Slayer.

He had to resist the urge to pull her shirt up with his teeth, instead reaching up a shaky hand. He nudged the material out of the way to reveal perfect skin stained with a veritable feast.

She whimpered. From the pain, or something else?

“Relax, Slayer. Gonna take care of you.” Don’t say anything else, you wanker. 

His mouth was watering. Good. More saliva, more good feelings for her.

He ran his tongue lightly over the full length of the cut. She gasped, arching up toward his mouth just a bit before sinking back down. He smiled to himself and did it again. She tensed beneath him, holding in whatever noises she’d felt the urge to make.

He raised his head, taking in the sight of her laid out beneath him.

The little vixen. Not worth a second go? Bollocks. When they got out of there he was going to hunt that idiot college boy down, then find Angel and kick his ass. They had no idea what they’d tossed aside.

She brought one leg up, wrapping it up over his shoulder and bringing his mouth back down to her stomach. Those long, powerful legs. He couldn’t have resisted if he’d wanted to. And god, did he not want to. 

Oh, you’ve got no idea what you’re doing to me. No clue what I want to do to you.

His mouth descended again with enthusiasm, licking and kissing and… Wandering. Lower on her stomach, to her hip bones, nipping with blunt teeth at the ridge. The taste of her skin nearly as intoxicating as her blood, and he couldn’t seem to stop himself from sampling. Not that she seemed to mind his ministrations at all.

Every little gasp and moan she let escape made him harder. Her hips rocked very slowly, grinding against his chest, making him wonder… God, he could. He wanted to. Wanted her. All of her. It would be so easy. Keeping going down. Bury his face in the heated wetness between her legs. And then, after she’d….

He shuddered and tried to get himself under control. If he bollocksed this up, she’d never let him near her again. He wasn’t sure he hadn’t ruined it already. Didn’t know whether to stop or keep going. Worst thing she could do was deny him. Scorn him. Least until they got out of there, then she could dust him. 

And he’d bloody well let her at that point.


He moaned out her name, his voice full of desire and desperation and need. For her.

Her fingers splayed in his hair, then curled and tugged and beckoned him upward. He kissed his way up her stomach, over her breasts. He propped himself up, careful not to press against the wound. 

Her thighs spread as he moved, and he nestled his hips between them. God. So close. So hard to keep his hips still. He planted kisses across her collar bone, until his lips finally settled at the base of her throat. He sucked and nipped her pulse point and pressed his groin against hers.


“God, love those little noises you make…” He kissed her throat, just below her ear, eliciting more of those soft little sighs she’d been making before. 

He couldn’t hold back anymore. He rocked his hips, relishing the friction. A fire had ignited, burning him slowly from the inside. He needed her. Needed to feel her surrounding him. All around him. Needed the air thick with her scent. Wanted every other demon in that place to know his name. To know she wasn’t to be touched. That she was his.


“S-Spike… We… Can’t… Not here…”

And there it was. The other shoe he’d known would drop at some point. She’d finally come to her senses, realized what they were about to do, and put a stop to it. He stilled his movements, trying desperately to catch his breath. To reel himself in and regain control. 

What the hell was happening to him? To her?

He rested his head against her chest, not ready to look her in the eye. He couldn’t tell which he was feeling more at that moment- relief or regret. 

Regret that it had happened, or relief that it hadn’t gone further? Or was it the other way around? He couldn’t tell any more.

“Sorry to interrupt.” Captain Cardboard was back again, with the most perfect timing as always. “Walsh wants her to have a real meal. But you two are obviously busy. I’ll come back later.”

“Yeah, why don’t you do that?” Spike snarled hoarsely. “Sod off, soldier boy. In the middle of something here.”

Sighing, he pulled away from Buffy and walked to the door. He didn’t miss the bloke’s line of sight, eyeing Spike’s obvious arousal, then looking to the slayer, splayed out on the floor, looking every bit like she was in pure bliss.

“Give me the food for her. She needs it.” 

“Don’t try anything funny. I open this door, you take it, that’s it. Got it?”

“Oh, no. You’ve gone and ruined all my plans with those orders.” He rolled his eyes. “Just giving her what she needs, mate. Right now, that would be nourishment. Hand it over.”

Riley sighed, then opened the door just enough for Spike to snatch the bag of food from his hand before sauntering back over to the Slayer. He helped pull her up into a sitting position and pulled a burger from the bag. 

He sat down while unwrapping it, then handed it to her. He looked around, reaching for a roll of gauze and an ace bandage.

“Sorry… About that… Won’t happen again, pet. Was just… buzzed on the blood, or… Here, let’s finish getting you patched up…”

He couldn’t look her in the eye. Couldn’t face whatever he’d find there. She’d either look at him with disgust or fear or hatred… And he couldn’t take that.

“Wasn’t just you…”

Her voice was too soft. Too kind.

He let out a harsh laugh. “Yeah, see how you feel about it when that stuff wears off.” He pressed the gauze to her stomach and brought one of her hands up to hold it there while he fiddled with the bandage wrap. “Dust me for it when we get out of here if you want.”

She didn’t wince from the pain as he wrapped her stomach, he noticed. 

“I don’t want to.”

He finally brought himself to look at her. Her eyes were still glossed over, but… she was aware. Not lost in it.

“What’s that mean, then?” He tilted his head, forcing himself to not smile at her. To not absolutely beam.

“Does it have to mean anything?”

“No,” he answered too quickly, then kicked himself for it. “You. You eat. Drink that water. I’m just…” he took in a deep breath and let it out. “I’m gonna go over here and get my thoughts, yeah?” 


“Right then.”

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