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Knew it had to be a dream, but everything felt so real. Smelt real. Even tasted real, so I didn’t give a bloody damn if I was dreaming.

My Slayer. Laid out beneath me like a gourmet buffet. 

And God, was she delicious. Bitter and sweet and warm. Tasted like heaven. And I was gonna eat her up until she couldn’t take any more of it. Could never get enough of her.

Gluttony’s a sin, I hear. Not that I give a damn about that either.

Just her. She’s all that matters. She’s consumed me more than I could ever dream of consuming her. Fella has to try though.

I know the taste of her skin. Know her scent. But it doesn’t stop me from kissing every bit of her I can, drinking her in. I want more. I want all of her.

Spike… I want you.

You’ve got me, baby. All yours. For bloody ever if you want it.

Poised above her. I can feel how hot she is. How wet. Want her to tell me though. Tell me she needs me. I’ve waited this long. I can wait a little more.

Say it for me?

Please, Spike.

Love hearing her moan my name. Gonna love hearing her scream it, too.

Take it slow. Savor it. 

She’s like fire. Powerful and raw and destructive. Bloody force of nature. Untameable. Unstoppable. Gonna burn me up til there’s nothing left, and I’d crawl through miles of broken glass just to beg her to do it again.

Say you’re mine, Slayer. Tell me.

More, please. I need you-

Need to hear it.

Yes, yours. Your Slayer. Please.

That’s my girl.

I know she’s close. Can feel her squeezing me. I’m closer. Got to bring her over the edge. Nice guys finish last, you know.

She’s on my lap, and every inch of her skin that touches mine burns, but I still want more. Her breathy moans are getting louder, muscles tensing around me, and I can’t help myself. I want her closer. 

Buffy… God, pet…

Fangs are in her neck before I even know what I’m doing, but it doesn’t matter. She’s clenched around me, trembling, screaming for more. Nails bite back, and the pain is exquisite. She’s exquisite. Swear I can see stars exploding.

Between that and the glorious blood in my mouth, I come undone. A moment of perfect bliss, while I’m buried in her. Like being reborn. Like coming home.

And then I feel it in me, swelling and boiling over. I know what it is now, and I know how completely buggered I am.

Buffy, I love you. God, I love you so much.



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Table of Contents
Previous Chapter: Execution
Next Chapter: Seventeen

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