Friday the 13 Writing Event

This August has a Friday the 13, so we here at West of the Storm thought it would be fun to celebrate it with a fanfic challenge event. The challenge is to write a story about good or bad luck (or some of both) that takes place on or around Friday the 13. Stories can be one shots or multichapter. To be considered part of the event, a chapter has to be posted between August 13 and the end of the month.

Week Long Writing Party

We’ve got a week long writing party going on in the chat room. starting on Monday, March 21st and lasting until March 28. Anyone can drop in at anytime and participate, even if you aren’t a writer. Anything can be worked on during these parties. A story in any fandom, original works, reports, essays (we’ve had someone work on memos), artwork. Anything you want to work on, you’ll find people to cheer you on and help you through blocks and snags.

Writing Party: 1-30-21 and 1-31-21

There will be a writing party next weekend, January 30 and 31. As always, these are held in our Discord chat room. Feel free to drop in and out throughout the weekend for help and encouragement with any writing projects. Or just drop in to cheer people on. We look forward to seeing you there.

Greetings and General Information

We’ve gotten several new members recently, so hello to all of you, and welcome to West of the Storm. While we’re open for reading and posting stories, the site isn’t entirely completed yet. Some of the things we plan to eventually have is a way for readers to like stories and to get notifications when their favorite stories are updated. I’ll make an announcement once we have those capabilities. Thank you all for giving us a visit and looking at we have to offer.

December Writing Party Week

This week, starting today (12-13-2020) we are having a weeklong writing party in the chat room: Anyone who would like to participate is welcome to drop in. Need to work on a story as a Christmas gift, or just want to finish something by the end of the year? Feel free to join us.

Last November Writing Party

This weekend is the last of the November writing parties. Remember, though, that anyone can request one at any time. Writing parties are a good way to get encouragement and help with whatever you’re writing. To join in, just go to the community section of the menu and click on chat.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and keep on writing and reading.

Writing Parties!

Starting Halloween weekend, we will be having a writing party every weekend in November as a way to celebrate National Novel Writing Month. You don’t have to be participating in NaNo to join the writing party, and can work on whatever you’d like (or cheer on others who are writing). The parties are taking place in our chat room: Feel free to drop in and take a look whenever you’d like.


Thanks to the wonderful creator of Mooberry Story, our site is running the Mooberry Story Community plugin.

We’ve got a page listing our authors (under the Fanworks menu), and readers can now leave reviews on chapters. We’ll continue tweaking the site, but it is now fully live. If you have any questions or suggestions, admins can usually be found in our chat room (link under the Community menu) and we have a contact page under the Site Info menu.

Soft Start is Live

Hello, everyone. Up in the menu, we have a dropdown for fanworks. Currently, there is no artwork or videos (feel free to add to those categories. They’re on our forum, and can be posted to without becoming a forum member), but we do have some fanfics listed.

We’re currently using a basic starter version of a plugin made by Mooberry Dreams. The creator is working on a more advanced version which will list authors (and have some nice author pages) as well as add the ability to leave reviews.


We’re slowly getting everything figured out here. We have a few cosmetic things to work out, rules and posting guidelines to post, and are eagerly awaiting an updated story plugin.