Welcome to West of the Storm, a Buffyverse fanfic library. We host stories from the universe of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel that are written with a pro-Spuffy bent, whether that means Spike and Buffy are the main focus, barely mentioned characters in the background, or somewhere in between. So long as a story’s source is the Buffyverse (with crossovers outside of the Buffyverse welcome), and the Spuffy pairing is supported, it has a home here.

Recent News:

Friday the 13 Writing Event

This August has a Friday the 13, so we here at West of the Storm thought it would be fun to celebrate it with a fanfic challenge event. The challenge is to write a story about good or bad luck (or some of both) that takes place on or around Friday the 13. Stories can ...
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Week Long Writing Party

We’ve got a week long writing party going on in the chat room. starting on Monday, March 21st and lasting until March 28. Anyone can drop in at anytime and participate, even if you aren’t a writer. Anything can be worked on during these parties. A story in any fandom, original works, reports, essays (we’ve ...
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Writing Party: 1-30-21 and 1-31-21

There will be a writing party next weekend, January 30 and 31. As always, these are held in our Discord chat room. Feel free to drop in and out throughout the weekend for help and encouragement with any writing projects. Or just drop in to cheer people on. We look forward to seeing you there. ...
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