Welcome to West of the Storm, a Buffyverse fanfic library. We host stories from the universe of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel that are written with a pro-Spuffy bent, whether that means Spike and Buffy are the main focus, barely mentioned characters in the background, or somewhere in between. So long as a story's source is the Buffyverse (with crossovers outside of the Buffyverse welcome), and the Spuffy pairing is supported, it has a home here.

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Christmas Event and News About the Recent Outage

by WotS Admin Team on 12/22/2023 14:10  

This year's Christmas challenge is based on the Victorian tradition of telling ghost stories on Christmas Eve. The time should be Christmas eve of whatever year works best for the story, but the ghost story teller can be anyone, or even characters taking turns. You can make up a completely original ghost story, have it be a retelling of something the characters went through (an original adventure of your creation, or an interesting new look at something from canon), or can be one of the characters telling one of your favorite ghost stories. Because of the site outage, this challenge is going to be open until February 1st.

Speaking of the outage, we'll take a moment to explain what happened. West of the Storm is not hosted on a private service. We pay for service space through a public commercial host, and that hosting service was hit with a major DDOS attack right afteer Thanksgiving, taking down all of their hosted sites. So it wasn't an attack against West of the Storm itself.

Halloween Event

by WotS Admin Team on 09/09/2023 19:55  

Next month is the start of Spooky Season. The Buffyverse is full of monsters and unusual things that go bump in the night. On October 31st, join us in posting spooky stories, one shots welcome. Starting this year, Spooky drawings and comics are also welcome.

We'll also be hosting writing parties every weekend in October to feed the muses and help get the creative juices flowing.

Member Numbers. Part 2

by WotS Admin Team on 04/29/2023 23:45  

While we've been attempting to only delete spam accounts, we did have an accident recently and deleted a member account. A new member joined at roughly the same time as several "people" who feel that our authors and readership have a serious tiny penis problem and got caught up in the culling.

We're trying to be much more careful going forward, but if your account does end up deleted despite you having no negative thoughts about our penis size, you should be able to easily make a new account.

We're very sorry for any inconvenience.

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