Welcome to West of the Storm, a Buffyverse fanfic library. We host stories from the universe of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel that are written with a pro-Spuffy bent, whether that means Spike and Buffy are the main focus, barely mentioned characters in the background, or somewhere in between. So long as a story's source is the Buffyverse (with crossovers outside of the Buffyverse welcome), and the Spuffy pairing is supported, it has a home here.

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Musical March and The Recent Site Issue

by Zab Jade on 03/05/2023 23:20  

First off, the site was down for a few days, due to some issues the host ran into when having to change their servers. They actually did a really good job in a tough situation and got us back as quickly as they could.

Now for Musical March! This month, the focus is on music, and its role in our writing endeavors. The stories for the event don't have to be song fics (though those are welcome), just at least inspired by music.

NaNo Writing Parties

by Zab Jade on 11/06/2022 19:14  

It's November, and that means it's time for NaNo. We'll be having regular writing parties all this month on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Anything can be worked on, whether it's for NaNo or not. Fanfic or original fiction, either way, come to the discord chat, and we'll cheer you on.

Halloween Event and October Writing Parties

by Zab Jade on 09/30/2022 19:08  

October is coming up, and the Season of Spook is upon us. We'll be having writing parties every weekend in October on our Discord chat, and will be hosting a writing event. The event is to post, during the last week of October, a short Spuffy-freindly spooky story.

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